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A Different Kind of Traveler

During my Mission Year, I lived in a house, which was less than a mile from my grandma’s old house. I sat with my housemates and downed Varsity’s Frosted Oranges, which I had first slurped as a kid. I walked up and down hilly streets, which I had once walked with my youth group. Atlanta Read More


Where Do I Go From Here?

This is now third trimester of Mission Year and I am determined to make the most of it. How am I to make sure that I do that? Well I believe that it starts with not living like Mission Year is over and taking it one day at a time. Why did I decide to Read More


A Different Kind Of Nurse

Prior to committing to Mission Year, I was 5 years into my career as a registered nurse in an inpatient, acute care setting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was confident and comfortable. There’s danger in comfort sometimes. It can lead to complacency, stagnation, and potentially stunt one’s personal growth. I found myself in that place where Read More

Peace Prep-4438

A Different Kind of Teacher

As an 18 year old in my 2nd semester of Bible College, I wrestled with the idea that this God I was learning about had been reduced to words on pages. Everything I “knew” about God could be acquired through the scripture, or through a textbook published by someone who had spent a majority of Read More


Fighting with Purpose

For our house of hooligans it’s been a great time to enjoy our regular rhythms together – cooking meals, visiting neighbors, patronizing Cream Burger, and laughing through most all of it. Even in some of the most mundane things, I can look back and smile about a silly memory we created. I cherish this lifestyle Read More


Five Blogs Posts About Intimacy

  “Sometimes the intimacy that is formed during times of crisis is temporary. When things go back to normal, people lose touch. They start remembering their differences and forgetting their commonalities as the mundane activity of ordinary life takes over. But sometimes, you get lucky.”  – This is a Story About My Sister and Me by Read More


A Letter to My 25-Year-Old Self

“God’s kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field for years and then accidently found by a trespasser.” – Matt. 13:44 Hi. You won’t want to beat around the bush so here’s all the advice I have for you, about you. You’re really going to be fine but years 29, and 30 are going Read More


When a Blizzard Hits

As many of you, my concerned and loving readers, already know, we had quite the winter blowout this past weekend, and I can promise you that we’re doing fine. The power is on, our kitchen is full, and although most bus routes are still down for the count, that just means I get the added Read More


Church Partnership

“Good morning family! Hug three people and tell ’em that you’re glad they made it to church today!” This is a typical greeting at my church.  From the moment you walk in, there is a feeling of family and community.  This church “gets it” when it comes to making one feel welcome. How grateful I Read More



Less words Since the end of December/early January this phrase is something that has come up again and again in both my heart and my mind. Less words  This isn’t my excuse for why I haven’t blogged very much. It is an acknowledgment that lately I have been pausing; considering my words before they fall Read More


What Shalom Means to Me: This is Shalom

This year we asked Mission Year staff and writers to answer the question, “What does the word “shalom” mean to you? We’ll be sharing their answers on the blog each month. What does the word mean to you?   Most days I live with this nagging voice within that tells me that I should have Read More

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