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The Person I Am Becoming

Mission Year staff often talks about being stretched and being uncomfortable and I tell you, this hasn’t been the easiest journey. This transition into adulthood, planting myself in Chicago and internal battles has left me with major growing pains. Going home to  Atlanta for Christmas break was very unfamiliar and  made me realize how much Read More

A Bridge Between Two Worlds

This month has really been a great month of learning a lot about myself. It all started with just going to the local library to peruse of their computers to search for books. I also had to turn in a book I finished reading. As I was searching in the box for anything related to “Navajo” Read More

The Dark Side of Christmas

I am feeling mixed feelings about Christmas this year. With the persistent images of violence over our screens the last few weeks, it is hard to get in the Christmas spirit. I usually love this time of year: the lights, the snow, and the giving and receiving of gifts. Yet, this year more than ever, I am Read More

Jobs vs. Year-Long Programs, pt 3

We get a lot of questions about why someone might choose to do a year-long program like Mission Year, instead of getting a job right out of college, or why someone might step away from a job in their 20’s, for a year. We asked one of our second year (MY2) program participants his thoughts.   Read More

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