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Negative Attention

I think we should all be praying for the families affected by today’s shooting. Their lives have changed forever because of the acts of this young man today. I am deeply concerned about how and why this has happened and even more concerned by the response.

I woke up this morning like many of you to the horrific story of what happened at the theater in Colorado early this morning. I am very appreciative of the media and the work they do, but I am a bit concerned about how much attention is brought to this young man and his deplorable actions. Do we love tradgedy this much? The young man that did this is the most popular person in the world today. Why is it that we give so much attention to tragedy? This guy was on Wikipedia within hours. In my opinion we spend way to much time on negative things as a culture. The speaker that says something crazy, the person who acts inappropriately, and even cynics. It seems we like the negative point of view. The bad boys and girls of the world seem to grasp our attention more than the decent low drama persons near us.

I would like to see time spent on the people who went out of their way to help the families harmed or the places that called for prayer. Who showed up to council parents, siblings, and friends devastated by this? Lets spend hours upon hours looking for and telling these stories. I know there are some of these stories being told but not nearly enough in my opinion comparatively. In fact why don’t we stop giving attention and time to those who use shock value to draw attention to themselves or their message? This attention to the negative spurs on the negative behavior. You can become famous the worse your behavior. Death is not fun or funny to anyone. Lets push life, hope, and love. It’s not our fault when people decide to act this inhumane, but we can stop bringing so much attention to such actions. This person wanted attention and he got and plenty.

I was told today that my opinion does not reflect “reality”, Who really likes a world where violence and hate are expected parts of life, perhaps I would like to change “reality” by being overly loving and caring. Maybe we can become a culture that one-day opens our news cast with stories that reflect kindness and dignity instead of crime, brokenness, and disunity.


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  1. I don’t think we really ‘like’ violence and hatred, and I also don’t think the person who did this merely did it to catch attention. But I think we have gotten used to seeing bad and expecting bad — in the other, that is, and we have gotten really good at hiding it in ourselves. Unless we confront the evil in each one of us, unless we don’t see a piece of our souls in the soul of a person like James Holmes, unless we stop ‘othering’ the Other, we won’t be able to see good inside everyone -and spread good either. I like the Cherokee saying about the battle of two wolves in each and every one of us. One wolf is good, the other evil – the one you feed is the one who wins. I agree that we have a sociological and spiritual problem when it comes to violence… and I agree that we have to feed and honor the good – or God/ the divine spark, whatever Christians call it- inside each and every one of us – but this should, in my opinion, include acknowledging the good inside the James Eagan Holmes of this world- if we really want to bring light into the darkness. Because I don’t think he acted ‘inhuman’ simply because no, there is no such thing as an ‘inhuman act’ by a human being. .. yes, it was an utterly evil act and my feelings go to the victims as well, but I also feel with him because he is a broken creature -just like the rest of us. And yes, most of us would not do something like that and at the point when he did what he did he probably went to a place that could be called ‘broken beyond repair’, but overall I blame us, as a society, that we don’t prevent things like this by being a better society, by taking better care of each other and by feeding/nurturing the good inside each and every one of us (including Holmes) on a more regular basis. I believe that if we truly want to root out evil, we have to start inside ourselves and we can’t flinch whenever we catch a short glimpse of ‘there’s a piece of Holmes inside me’ in the mirror. There were other people dressed like the Joker in the theater…

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