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Sacrifice of Culture

I have been thinking about what to give up for Lent and what I can call people to this Lenten season.  I live a very diverse lifestyle; rarely am I around just one culture at a time or one specific group of people.  What can we sacrifice that has potential to change us and the world around us for the long haul? So my idea for Lent is this: This Lent, will you consider sacrificing your social life?

What does this mean?  Give up any social event on your calendar that is mono-cultural.  Consider only doing social events in diverse environments for 40 days.   Whether that’s race, economics, gender, or class. If you are the boss, eat lunch with your employees.  If you are black, don’t hang with just black folks.  Try eating a meal or going out to a movie with someone who is gay if you’re straight. Don’t go to the game with just men, invite a few ladies along. If you don’t know any one physically challenged, spend some time with someone who is and share a social event together.

We can call this our mono-cultural fast. When asked what we’re giving up for Lent, we can say, “being with people just like me.”  This is a journey into diversity.

Then I would like you to write about your experience online. What I think may happen is we create examples of diversity for people to hear about. I don’t think there are enough. If you already live a diverse life, write about it. I would like to post stories for 40 days. We will also have a YouTube channel set up if you would rather just talk about your experience instead of writing.  Email me at or upload your video to YouTube and send me a link, and we’ll add it to our CultureFast channel.

Let’s see what we have in 40 days.  I am so excited to hear your stories.

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  1. I am a little thrown by your ‘multi-cultural’ challenge. I thought the purpose of a sacrifice during the lenten season is to draw us closer to Christ. So that on Easter we realize even more our amazing Savior that died for our sins and rose to provide us new life as forgiven believers in Him. Is spreading the gospel part of Mission Year’s Mission?

    • Karen thanks for your comment. Yes mission year is very much about living out and being live witnesses of Jesus. It is my understanding that the cross has brought people together according to Eph. 2 and my attempt here is to challenge believers to live that out during our season of sacrifice, which is Lent, in hopes that our diversity would also be a witness of Christ in the world. If we want to see the gospel spread we have to be willing to live it out.

  2. Great suggestion, Leroy. I’m looking forward to a discussion of race and privilege I’ll be attending this evening at a local Catholic Worker house as a start in this direction.

    Also, Leroy, I was just reading your section in “The Intentional Christian Community Handbook” yesterday about building multi-cultural/ethnic communities. I appreciated the insights you shared. Thank you. Definitely a challenge – especially considering low vs. high identity.

  3. Chelsea,

    remember to write me about your experience. write even if you cant figure it out. i would like to hear about the effort as well.

  4. I love this idea. As I currently live in a rural area, I often use that as an excuse to not find people who are different than me. I’m going to think this through with my hubs and see what we come up with. Thanks for the encouragement Leroy.

  5. Yes you do Chris and write about your experience or send a video.

  6. at Christmas we challenged our small group to bless people of different political orientation…we took a couple to an Advent Concert :) Now to think of more things like that…dinner is good…the mind is working…hmmm

  7. so does that mean I have to invite a bunch of cowboy fans over for dinner… this may be too much to bare :)

  8. Sounds awesome…most of my “different culture” comes in the form of extreme political differences

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