Thank you for your willingness to be a Mission Year reference!

In our experience, these personal references are an irreplaceable means of understanding our applicants better and getting a true sense of where they’re coming from.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mission Year, browsing through our very informative website is one of the best ways to acquaint yourself. Since we realize that you may not have the time to do this, here are some basics you should know before writing a recommendation:

For almost a decade, Mission Year has been taking inexperienced young people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds into the city to be trained and deployed to love their neighbors and grow in their love for God.
Mission Year is intense. Our Team Members keep very busy schedules including extensive community service (the type and location which they will proactively seek out individually), intentional neighborhood outreach, and church involvement. They don’t have a lot of free time. Team Members have required curriculum readings and scheduled city-wide trainings, and they discuss, process, and absorb all of this within a household of other Team Members whom they never knew before, in the close quarters of like it or not, bare your soul, and bear each other’s burdens, Christian community. This is one of the toughest parts of the year.
Mission Year is not for those who simply want a change of scene or are looking for a longer version of a week-long group trip. It is for young people who have a solid faith and an honest desire to seek Jesus while walking with the marginalized in an urban environment.
As we get to know applicants, we want to be sure that they will be emotionally and physically “safe” and capable of giving, as well as growing, in such an environment. To this end, we greatly appreciate your time and honesty as you fill out this form.
Thank you for being an important part of this young person’s life! And thank you for your insights as well.

The Mission Year Admissions Team

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