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Your Presence is Requested

If you are thinking about joining Mission Year you need to read this!

Yeah, you! The one who has been devouring this website trying to figure out if God could possibly be calling you to take a step of faith.

Maybe you have been waiting for a sign from God. Well, this may not be a sign, but it is an invitation.

I want to cordially invite you on a journey that can potentially transform you into the person you have always dreamed of becoming. But I don’t want to invite you on my own behalf. That might seem self-serving since I work for Mission Year. I want to share some encounters I have had in the last month that all have to do with you.

I was attending a conference in Indianapolis called CCDA which brings together 3,000 urban churches, leaders, and ministries that are transforming neighborhoods and cities across the country. Our staff attended along with our New Orleans Mission Year team. I was walking toward the elevator at the hotel and saw one of the pastors from a former Mission Year church in Chicago. I said “Hi” and we chatted a bit. The last thing he said to me as I was leaving was, “When are we going to get another Mission Year team?”

On the next Friday I went to a banquet for Breakthrough Urban Ministries, an amazing organization that is giving hope to men and women transitioning out of homelessness and despair. One of our teams is currently serving there this year. On my way out I run into a guy who works at another non-profit organization where we used to have Mission Year volunteers. He shared how great it was having Mission Year people and how they just jumped right in to help. He asked me, “Are we going to get any more Mission Year people?”

The next day, I was on a plane from Chicago to Philadelphia to visit our Philly teams and as I walked down the aisle I saw a familiar face. I couldn’t place where I knew the woman so I asked her how we might know each other. She told me her occupation and that did not ring any bells so I asked her what church she went to. When she said the name of her church I knew exactly how I knew her. She was a faithful attender of one of our Mission Year churches. The weird part was it’s the same church as the pastor from the conference and the same neighborhood the guy from the banquet works. As we parted she asked the all too familiar question, “When are we going to get some more Mission Year people?”

This is where you come in.

In order to have Mission Year teams in all the neighborhoods where Mission Year is needed, we need more people to heed the call. We need people to sign up for Mission Year.

One of the things I really respect about Mission Year is we do not go into communities unless we are invited. We want to make sure local leaders and pastors want us there in the community. It’s a way we honor the places we go.
But right now, we have more requests than we have people. Like Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

If you are waiting for a sign, then let the requests of seasoned urban pastors, hard-working organizations fighting for change, and spirit-filled church members be your sign.

You are needed.

You are wanted.

You are welcomed.

The thing about this invitation and Jesus’ call to “follow me,” is that it not only means your life will be totally transformed, but that you will become a blessing to many people in the neighborhood in the process.

We have requests for Mission Year teams from neighborhoods in all our cities. Become part of a team that will leave a lasting impact for God’s kingdom. A lifestyle of faith and justice starts with a year.

Your presence is requested.


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