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A Diverse Community [Launch]

When we signed up for the LAUNCH^ Conference, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we knew we had plenty to learn. Our OKC-based organization recently started a local missions training program with similar aims (but on a much smaller scale) to Mission Year, and we are always looking for wisdom and insight on how to do things better.

One of the best parts of the conference was the opportunity to network with organizations around the country who shared similar goals and passions. We met with some amazing people who all shared the common bond of loving God and loving others.

The Mission Year staff were humble and transparent with their policies, struggles, and successes. No questions were off-limits. We gained so much by learning from their many years of experience, and we left encouraged.

We were very impressed with Mission Year’s high value of diversity and the intentionality with which they pursue it. The core beliefs that we are more powerful together and that a diverse community challenges everyone to a higher understanding of themselves and God exhorted us to examine our own values on diversity and investigate ways to pursue it within our own structures.

We are very grateful for the LAUNCH^ Conference, the connections we made, and the information we learned. We are excited to continue to work and partner with organizations around the nation who share a similar vision of ushering in the Kingdom!

Post written by Corrie Matchell of The Spero Project in Oklahoma City, OK. 

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