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Entrusted with Much

I received a letter the other day with many encouraging words, including “Do not be afraid to lead. You have been entrusted with much and are able to teach others.”

You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.  2 Timothy 2:2

When I think about leadership, I can’t help but think how God has been leading me all along. Not with fear, punishment, or even rewards. Rather, He has used a person of quiet, genuine, and relentless love: Jesus.

Geese appear high over us,
pass, and the sky closes. Abandon,
as in love or sleep, holds
them to their way, clear,
in the ancient faith: what we need
is here. And we pray, not
for new earth or heaven, but to be
quiet in heart, and in eye
clear. What we need is here.
-Wendell Berry


Cynthia Javaras is serving with the 2012-13 St. Johns Arts Team in Houston. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia, majoring in Psychology. You can read more at her blog, Inspired.

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