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Earn your Masters Degree

The Mission Year + Eastern Partnership (MY+E) program prepares future leaders for effective urban ministry and community development within distressed communities. The MY+E Partnership program is based on the belief that context enriches education and therefore grounds preparation for urban community development firmly within the basis of urban living and mentored service.

Degree Options

MA in International Development

Designed for those who wish to facilitate development projects by instituting a theological framework and understanding the economic and cultural forces that impact social transformation. Graduates will enter the field equipped with the skills required to understand and manage development efforts in urban and global settings.

MBA in Economic Development

Provides the skills and knowledge necessary to start capital-generating ventures and lead organizations that contribute to poverty alleviation. Graduates leave with a portfolio that includes business plans, market analysis, feasibility studies, enthnographies and needs assessments. The concentration is intentionally contextualized to issues in the urban and developing worlds. Acceptance into the degree program requires completion of GMATs and business foundation courses.

MA in Urban Studies

The Urban Studies program trains change agents for urban communities. Students are immersed in an urban-based, cross-cultural, research-focused, and faith-based context that fosters the development of compassionate professionals who are scholars, practitioners and activists. MY+E Partnership students may select one of two areas of specialization—Community Development or Youth Leadership.

MA in Urban Studies – Community Development Concentration

The purpose of this program is to prepare Christian change-agents who, as advocates for the poor, can serve as catalysts for change to bring about community revitalization. This is done through the empowering of local communities to develop the resources for the holistic transformation of their quality of life through economic, educational, physical, social, spiritual, and relational means.

MA in Urban Studies – Youth Development Concentration

The purpose of this program is to produce professionals who are theologically, academically and culturally competent to serve youth in an urban context. The courses are multi-disciplinary incorporating theology, sociology, social work, community development, and leadership.


Practice Focus

In year one, MY+E participants will find their experience heavily weighted toward praxis, or adjusting to and learning from their urban living and ministry experiences. Within that context, they will augment their learning through reflection, reading and research as part of an Eastern University sponsored course taught by Mission Year staff. This will not be a significant amount of additional work, but merely a way to continue processing your experience through a spiritual and academic lens.

Theory Focus

Regardless of the degree being sought, the emphasis after the first year shifts toward formal learning, but not at the expense of context. MY+E participants from around the United States are joined in their classes by other students who have been admitted into Eastern University’s program. Some programs offer online education as well.

Theology of Poverty

Participants of Mission Year have the option of taking the Theology of Poverty course during their first year. This course is designed to allow the participants of Mission Year to reflect deeply on their experience theologically and practically. By the end of the year, this course will allow you to explore what Scripture teaches about poverty and the issues associated with it. You will be able to tell the story of your neighborhood as well as analyze the causes of poverty that surface there. For your final project you will develop a “justice project” that will be a direct response to the needs of your neighborhood.

The cost of the Theology of Poverty course is $425. Now here is the good news. At the end of the year you will receive a certificate for completing the course. Eastern University will honor the certificate and you will not need to take the Theology of Poverty class in a classroom setting your first semester of the Masters program, thus saving you more money! The cost of Theology of Poverty in the classroom at Eastern is $1,710.

What To Do Next

If you would like to participate in the MY+E program, you should first apply for Mission Year. During the first week of the program, we will get you started in the Theology of Poverty class.  You will continue with an application to Eastern University about mid-way through your Mission Year.

For more information contact Academic Director Chris Lahr. To learn about undergraduate options, click here.

MA Syllabus 2014-2015