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Mission Year is pleased to offer you the opportunity to earn up to 12 undergraduate academic credits through Eastern University. Our goal is to provide you a sound academic experience without compromising your Mission Year.

You will receive credit for Urban Issues I and II, courses which will connect your day-to-day experiences with theoretical content.  The other six credits will be Field Experience and Internship. These courses provide an academic framework for experiential learning and include reading, short papers, and journaling.

Students from a variety of colleges and universities (including, but not limited to, North Park University, Wheaton College, MidAmerica Nazarene University, Illinois State University, and University of Oregon) have participated in these courses and transferred the units back to their home institution. The focus is on urban studies, and you may be able to credit them toward your major or as electives, as determined by your home university.

In order to participate in the Eastern partnership, you must have already completed at least two semesters of college before Mission Year and be planning to return.  The cost is only $425, which covers you application fee ($25) and a one-time administrative fee of $400.

Undergraduate Credit FAQs

What college credit is available during Mission Year?

Eastern University students are able to receive 12 units of college credit at a very low cost. The courses are titled Urban Issues 330 and Urban Field Experience 395 & 495.

Do I have to do additional reading in order to fulfill the requirements for Mission Year Academia?

You will read all of the same books that are part of the general Mission Year curriculum reading. Your City Director will provide all these books to you. In addition, you will be required to read Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire.

Can someone graduating high school participate in the undergraduate credit, even though they have not met the two semesters of college requirement? Do advanced placement classes help?

Unfortunately, you do not qualify for enrollment as an Eastern University Mission Year student because you are not currently enrolled as a student in good standing at another accredited college/university. You may not apply for credit at a later date and advanced placement classes are not considered.

What if I change my mind and decide to transfer to another college?

You will need to check with your new institution if they will accommodate the credits reflected on your Eastern transcript.

Is it possible that my university will give me credit simply for participating in Mission Year without having to work with Eastern or write the papers?

It’s certainly worth a try. You’ll need to negotiate this directly with your university. We’ll respond to any questions from the university. We have had students do this successfully at both an undergraduate and graduate level. They are getting credit directly from the university and not through an Eastern transcript. Many colleges are willing to offer students some credit for “field experience” or “service learning”.

Can I get financial aid?

It is not possible to get financial aid, but the total cost is only $425 (about $35 a credit) and your living expenses are covered by Mission Year. So it’s a pretty remarkable deal.

Will I be considered a full-time student for insurance purposes?

Typically a full-time student is taking at least 12 units in a semester. Academic Credit participants are taking only six units a semester. Check with your insurance company about their requirements.

How do a get my transcript from Eastern?

Eastern’s registrar will send unofficial transcripts to the student’s permanent address at the end of each term. Official transcripts will be sent to the student’s home college/university at the end of the academic year.

I’m ready. What next?

Students interested in pursuing the undergraduate partnership with Eastern University must first apply to Mission Year. Near the start of your Mission Year, you will receive instructions on the paperwork needed to confirm your undergraduate participation.

For more information contact our Academic Director Chris Lahr. To learn about graduate opportunities, click here.


MY + EU Undergrad Application

MY + EU INST 395 & 495 Syllabus

MY + EU INST 330 Syllabus