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ARTS Teams

You love art. Whether photography, writing, music, painting, or other medium, you derive deep joy and satisfaction from expressing yourself through creative means.

We have the perfect place for you!

In 2010, Mission Year launched its pilot arts program with overwhelming success. The context of the city seemed to enrich and draw out the most profound artistic expression in our team members.

The basic elements of Mission Year remain the same: community service, neighborhood outreach, church partnership, team living and discipleship. However, Mission Year ARTS teams take on a new dimension as they explore the intersections between faith, art, and caring for the poor.

You will experience community living among other artists and enjoy the opportunity to experiment in new areas.  You will contribute to an art project that your team chooses and facilitates. You will journey together in the inspiring context of an urban community and capture the stories happening around you every day.

Past team members have produced music albums, shared public art installations (examples shown below), and penned the narratives of neighbor women. Artistic projects are not assigned, but develop out of your experiences in the community.

Repurposed pews make creative benches on city streets.

Are you looking for specific types of artistic interests?

No! We are open to videographers, dancers, writers, musicians, crafters, poets, glass blowers (yes, we’ve had one on the team), designers…. you! Because you have the freedom to explore creative projects in your community and with your team, your unique gifts will find a good home on the arts team.

Will my service site incorporate the arts?

We have several partnerships with organizations that are specifically interested in artistic skills, such as Ecclesia Houston and Plywood People. Not all Arts Teams members will serve at specifically arts-focused service sites, although many organizations are eager and enthusiastic to find opportunities to incorporate your gifts into your work. A team member volunteering at a housing organization used her graphic design skills to create flyers and materials for the nonprofit. When the high school couldn’t find an affordable photographer, a Mission Year team member stepped in to take senior portraits of the student body.

What is the process to apply for a Mission Year ARTS team?

The very first step is to fill out the general application for Mission Year. Be sure to note that you are interested in one of our arts teams! As you move through the admissions process, we will follow up with you and request a very short and simple additional application for this program. Early application is encouraged since these teams fill up quickly!

Team Member photography, poetry, and stories were on display at a Houston Art Gallery.