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PRoP offers a radical alternative to the typical “mission trip.” Rather than coming to the city to serve poor people, you will come to the city and live as one.

For one weekend, you will be stripped of your conveniences, and you will live the life of a pauper. Instead of handing out food to the hungry, you will walk among them seeking your own daily bread. The Bible says, “Do not worry about what you will eat or what you will drink. Isn’t your life worth more than food, and your body more than clothes?” Have you ever had an opportunity to live this out… not knowing where your next meal would come from, but trusting God would be your provider? Lucky for you, now’s your chance!

Is PRoP for you?

PRoP is for people ages 16 and older. Because Mission Year offers a year-long opportunity to serve Jesus among the poor in an urban setting for folks 18-29, PRoP will target this age group, but will accept people 16 and up.

PRoP is for mature people willing to be stretched from their comfort zones. It is ideal for folks desiring to learn more about God’s heart for people who are poor and are discerning a calling to serve among them. Unlike the traditional “mission trip,” participants will not be asked to “serve,” but rather to become learners, open to embrace God’s heart for the poor.

The Goal of PRoP

PRoP is designed to raise awareness about the issues poor and homeless people face on a daily basis. The end goal is to awaken compassion in the participants to join in God’s concern for “the poor” and to make the lifestyle decisions reflecting that concern.

Important Information


  • The cost for the weekend is $100 per person.
  • This will cover meals for Friday evening – Sunday morning
  • “Housing” will also be covered for Friday and Saturday evenings.

Requirements for Participants

  • Groups must be between 15-30 people. Individuals desiring to participate may join in with an upcoming group.
  • There must be 1 adult (18 years and mature) for every three youth (16 – 17 years old).
  • Registration, liability waivers, and payment must be completed one month before PRoP by all participants.
  • Each person should bring… a sleeping bag, clothing for the weekend and an open and good attitude.
  • Absolutely NO pagers, laptops or other technological toys (including cd players, iPods, music machines of any kind).

I’m ready! What’s next?

PRoP is now being offered in Philly and Atlanta. Please contact Recruitment and Admissions about dates and registration information.

Read testimonials from past PRoP experiences or visit our PRoP FAQs.