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Sports Teams

Get in the Game!

Through the crisp Autumn air, the sound of cheering fans, drum-lines and shouting coaches carries across brightly lit battlefields. Fitted with full, matching armor, you and your team square off against the army whose goal is to break and punish you.


The ball is snapped and in that moment, together with your teammates, you decide whether you will be hammer or nail, hero or victim, champion or forgotten.

The electrifying synergy of teams on the field or court offer a taste of beauty of God’s Kingdom when we are working together to accomplish powerful goals.  Sports offer tangible lessons in the wonderful tension between independence and dependence in community, the respect and reward of disciplined actions, and the growth and joy that comes from completing a common goal.

Sports are a phenomenal avenue for ministry, and that’s why Mission Year has Sports Teams!

The foundations of Mission Year, such as community service, neighborhood outreach, church partnership, team living, and discipleship, stay intact. Mission Year Sports Teams add a new element as they incorporate sports into their ministry lives in challenging, exciting ways.

First, you will live in a house with others who share a passion for sports and athletics. Not everyone will share your specific sport, so you will have opportunities to learn new skills and appreciations as you get to know each other and learn from one another.  Sports will become a major asset in your neighborhood outreach as pick-up games and other active initiatives are a great way to meet and engage new people.

We want to help develop you as an athlete in urban ministry, so readings and trainings focused on this topic will be incorporated into your general curriculum. Philadelphia also hosts Sports Symposium which addresses this very conversation, and our local partnership will connect you with these leaders in the field.

Finally, your team will combine your unique gifts to find ways to collaborate in neighborhood sport activities. Whether hosting a basketball tournament or teaching a field hockey clinic, you will have freedom to work together and explore possibilities for your community.

Are we looking for specific sports skills?

No! We are open to all kinds of athletes, though we ask you to come with an adventurous spirit so you can be open to all kinds of sports represented on your team. Of course, if your background involves large or expensive equipment, such as say… swimming pools or horses… we can’t provide those for you. Still, we believe you can use your sports foundations to find a good spot on the team.

Will my service site be sports-focused?

Our Sports Team is located in Philadelphia where we work with several schools and are connected to a youth flag football league, Timoteo.  While there may be coaching or other opportunities through some of these partnerships, not all Sports Team members will serve in a specifically sports-focused site.  Still, even other sites may be excited to incorporate your experience in ways that meet the needs of their organizations.

What is the process to apply for a Mission Year SPORTS Team?

The very first step is to fill out the general application for Mission Year. Be sure to note that you are interested in our sports team! As you move through the admissions process, we will follow up with you and request a very short and simple additional application for this program.